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ym^^ 'ciLy^')^^^ 



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igrtrr^H u . 

-70 - 7/ 

Miss and Mr. Kempsville Junior High 

During the week of March 4- 10th, Kempsville Junior 
High School held its first "Miss and Mr. Kempsville 
Junior High School" contest. The idea was started by the 
members of the annual staff as a money-making project. 
Miss Linamen, sponsor of the annual, stated that she 
hoped that the contest would become a tradition at KJHS. 
The contestants were chosen on the basis of school spirit, 
contributions to KJHS, personality, co-operation, aca- 
demic achievement, and character. The five boys and four 
girls were selected by a faculty committee from members 
of" the ninth grade. The contestants raised two-hundred 
and eighty four dollars for the annual staff. 

We, the members of the "VENTURE", are deeply 
grateful to these students for their help. 

Cindy Meredith and Billy Foster make a handsome couple 
as they share the top honors of "Miss and Mr. Kempsville 
Junior High School". 

Smiling Vicki Williamson and "Soul Brother #1" Lagus 
McCoy were named as the first runners-up in the KJHS 

"Miss and Mr. Kempsville Junior 
High School" Contestants: Seated 
on the floor: Julie Spencer. 
Seated on sofa L to R: Billy 
Foster— "Mr. KJHS", Cindy 
Meredith— "Miss KJHS", Vicki 
Williamson — First Runner-up 
"Miss KJHS", Lagus McCoy — 
First Runner-up "Mr. KJHS". 
Standing L to R: Frank Welch, 
Ricky Bliese, Grady Hedgespeth, 
Terri Spence. 




Venture Dedication 

K.J.H.B. Dedicationr\ ^ rr/\ 

Qxjjyvrm 'l^d^- \ycx^^Jrv (o- c \ 

Teacher of the Year 1969-tO 



r ^ Faculty axixf Administration 9 

\ . Classes ( ^^^^tf ^-'^^^^'^Y' 23 


The "VENTURE" staff of Kempsville Junior High School 
felt that there were several worthy recipients of the '70-71 
Dedication. For their willingness to give of the time, efforts, 
faith, and loyalty the staff dedicates this year's "VENTURE" to 
the following people: 

To Coach Ingram for his successfiil efforts in bringing new 
honors to KJHS in the form of our second City Championship 
in football. 

To Mr. Davies for his untiring work with 
the SCA and for his sincere interest in and 
concern for the students of Kempsville 

To Coach Booth for making our first undefeated City 
Championship and City Tournament in wrestling possible. 


To Miss [,inamcn for her genuine interest in the students and for 
her innumerable hours of work with the yearbook, the cheerleaders 
and the Pep Club. 


To Coach Cochrane for his time and talent which resulted in 
an undefeated Conference Championship and another City 
Tournament trophy in basketball for the "Home of tl" 
Defense " — Kempsville Junior High. 

To Coach Coulthard for his skill and knowledge that hel|^ the 
KJHS football team lay claim to another City Championship. 



Senator Byrd smiles at the dedication audience as he waits for 
the applause to subside before he begins his speech. 

Superintendent Brickie makes some thought-provoking 


Junior High Scliool 

A junior high school is a complex organism. It is many 
students together and it is one student alone. It is dreams and 
loves and hopes that are born and those that die. It is being one 
in happiness and being one in sadness. It is changing classes 
and football games and it is hours of study and worry. 
A junior high school is one being and it is a combination of 
many beings. Here a spirit is infused into each and every 
student; a spirit, which, if genuine, can never die. 


Dedication, April 12, 1970 

Teacher of the Year 1969 - 70 

diaries Atkins Perkinson, Principal 

"There's no heat in the school, the water pipe burst, eight registers 
are missing, the library ordered pictures instead of books, Mrs. 
Cromwell resigned, seven buses broke down, Mr. Mac and Mr. 
Lumpkin are both out with the flu, and all the women teachers have 
on pantsuits. I see! Now, tell me the Bad news! 

Mr. Perkinson is our administrator in 
charge of everything! The overall smooth 
functioning of our school expresses his 
versatile management of the widespread 
demands upon him. 

Though the hours are long and his re- 
sponsibilities are numerous, he always 
manages to have a smile for everyone. 
Mr. "P" is well-known to all for his stable 
leadership, his willingness to help with 
any problem and his ability to put that 
problem into its proper perspective. 

For this — and for him — we are 
thankful. A positive, optimistic man is 
good fortune as the rudder of our school, 
of any school. 



McMillan, A.P.A. 

r. Mac arrived at our school this year as the new administrator 
in charge of discipline — and he has stayed to prove already that 
he is a man who functions efficiently in that job. We are all 
tronger because we know Mr. Mac who grasps a difficult job 
nd molds its varied problems into solutions. 

Kenneth Bryant Lumpkin, A.P.I 

Mr. Lumpkin is really the unsung hero in the educational scheme of 
things at KJHS. While the students are usually unaware of his 
numerous functions, they nevertheless greatly benefit from the 
excellent assistance he gives the teachers in matters of instruction. He 
handles his many responsibilities with a round intelligence, a 
sincerity of purpose and his own special dignity that's always there. 
We're glad he's here! 



Mrs. Kathryn Buscher 

Mrs. Irene Clark 
Home Economics 

Miss Laura Clark 
Chorus & Drama 

Mr. Bill Cocharne 
Physical Education 9 

Mr. Wade Coltran 
Industrial Arts I & II 

Mr. Bob Coulthard 
Algebra & Geometry 

Mrs. Becky Cox 
English 8 

Secretary ^ 

Mrs. Ruth Cromwell i\ 

Mr. Bob Davies 

Mr. Ed Dennis 
Gen. Math I 

"I don't repeat gossip, so listen carefully the first time." 

Mr. Tom Duvall Mrs. Edith Edison 

/ GaA>JV1ath I & Math I Biology & I.P.S. 

Mrs. Kaye Elmore Mrs. Anne Eten Mrs. Pamela Evans 

Counselor Librarian Art I & II 

Mr. Puggy Farmer 
Earth Space Science & I.P.S. 


Mrs. Susan Franklin Mr. Gilbert Gordon 

Gen. Business & Speech Guidance Director 

Mr. Joe Hassell Mrs. Dot Havens Mrs. Flora Haney Miss Mary Henry 

Physical Education 8 Physical Education 8 Reading 9 French — & Latin I-II 


Miss Josie Lassiter Mr. Lyle Lueck Mrs. Marilyn Jackson 

World Geography I.P.S. English 9 


Miss Pat Linamen Mrs. Barbara McCart Mrs. Ariene McCord 

English 9 I.P.S. Gen. Math I & Math I 

Mrs. Elaine Mercer Miss Louise Minson 

French I & II English 8 

Mrs. Jane Moran Mrs. Brownie Morris Miss Laurie Murray Miss Jackie Parrott 

Spanish I English 8 Spanish I & II Reading 8 


Mrs. Virginia Reveley 

Mr. JohnStahl Mrs. Marlene Stalls 

Industrial Arts I & II Earth Space Science 



Mrs. SuzanneThompson Mrs. Roberta Thrasher Mr. Doug Tillberg 

Earth Space Science Algebra & Math I Industrial Arts I & II 

Mrs. Audrey Widgeon Miss Jan Wilds Mr. Ken Williams 

Algebra & Math II Home Economics I & II English 8 

Ninth Grade 

Robin Ackaway 
Donna Adcock 
Nelson Adcock. Jr. 
David Adkins 
Sarah Ainsley 

Rick Albee 
BTlly Aldridge 
Rose Allard 
Cathy Almiral 
Deborah Ambrose 

Steven Ames 
Pam Amory 
Bonnie And e rso n 
V icki Anderson 
Debbie Archbell 

S helly Artl iuj- 
Jasper Ashby 
Ronnie Ash by 
Christopher Ashley 
Susan Atkins 

Valery Austin 
Glenn Bailey 
Robert Bailey 
Allan Barber 
Randy Barnes 

Sharon Barnett 
Trina Barnhart 
Mike Barrow 
Robin Bar ton 
Patti Baynard 

Jimmy Beasley 
Kathy Beeby 

John Beeler 
Robert Beiler 
Louisa Beltram 



Mike Brown 
Rebecca A. Brown 
IJnda Bruther 
Debbie Bulaski 

Ross Bulger 
Jan Bullock 
Jeff Bunch 
Steve Burbage 
Charles Burcher 

Nancy Burd 
Joh n Buscher 
Ricky Butt 
KTevin Byrd 
Alfred Byrum 

Deborah Calvert 
Le slie Camarad 
Da vid C a mpbell 
Joanne Campbell 
Susan Campbell 



Tom C'line 
Roobert C'lyburn 
Jt)hn Coalcs 
Sharon C'oftelt 
Robin Cohoon 

Sharon Cole 
Tom Con ley 
K aren Conlon 
Carol Connelly 
Becky Cook 

Candy Cook 
Janet Cook 
Vic kie Collo D 
Sheldon Cot t re 11 

n^hhrn Cniinrilmnn 
B ruce Cournoyer 
Debbie Courtney 
Wanda Cowan 
Marie Cox 

Ronney Crofford 
Butch Crane 
Terri Cross 
Jimmy Crowther 
Stanley Crukmore 

Nancy Cunningham 
Wyndham Curies 
Tony Cutrell 
Gaston Dalton 
Dede Dandridge 

Gail Davenport 
Demetrice Davis 
Denise Davis 
Ricky Davis 
Robin Davis 


Debbie Dearborn HF^^ I ^^M^ '*vIk ^ I ^' fll M 



Judy Ciuthi ic 
Timothy Hadley 
David Hall 
Lenny Handfinger 
Catherine Hannan 

Mike Hanson 
Id a Hardison 
Karen Harlan 
Alan Harrell 
Richard Harrimon 

Joan Harris 
Lynn Harris 
Van Harris 
Loyd Harrison 
Jimmy Hartley 

Diane Haskins 
Cy nthia Hatche r 
Stan Havens 
Sheryl Hawkins 
Deborah Haygood 

Bill Haynes 
Ken Hiizlett 
Debra Heath 
Grady Hedgepeth 
Sam Helm 

Allen Henderson 
Joann Henson 
Rpvprly Hppsrh 
Bobby Hickman 
Ben Hicks 

William Higdon 
Alan Higginhotham 
Ann Higginbotham 
Eleish Higgins 
Maury Hill 



Mike Jones 
Patty Jones 
Wesley Jones 
Bill Jordal 
Dean Joi (.Ian 

Jane Jordan 
Randy Jordan 
Wayne Joyner 
Dwight Justice 
Pam Justice 

Jean Kartis 
Connie Karns 
Mike Kelley 
Thomas Kelly 
David Kelly 

Kevin Kendrick 
■S haron Kendri ck 
Darlene Kinard 
Pf hbi? K inc 
Doug King 

Mike King 
gill Kirby 
Doug Kirby 
Sherry Kirby 
John Kish 

Penny Kleinknecht 
Ricky Knox 
Bet h Koehj er 
Art Koh n 
Vicki Koster 

Karon Krzak 
Karen Kucharski 
Deanna Kuchera 
Fran Kujanski 
Jackie Lacey 


Krystal Lake 
Onja Lancaster 
D ebb ie Lang 
Lisa l^angelier 
Sherry Langley 

Mike Lannon 
Beverly Larry 
Richard Lassite r 
Terry Lassiter 

Bob Lee 
Gayla Lee 
Lynn Lee 
Greg LePage 
Christian LeSesne 

Lesly Terry 
Mark Lewis 
Marshall Lewis 
Vanessa Lewis 

Karen Lindamood 
Edmund Lindsay 
James Litchfield 
Peggy Liverman 
Ann Locklear 

Tommy Lorkiewicz 
ISancy Louizeau 
Debbie Lovitt 
Bill Luker 
Carole Lupton 

Larry Lysse 
M jcheUs-M actrak- 
R obert Maddux 
Terry McGill 
Roger Mandigo 

Sus an Mann 
Tricia Mann 
Mike Marshal 
Doug Martin 
Tony Martin 

Elizabeth Mason 
Loraine Mason 
Douglas Massey 
Oliver Mayfield 
Ronny Maynard 

Gayle Mayton 
Richard Mazgay 
Brian McAnnany 
Carol Mc Bride 
Allen McCarthy 

Karen McCartney 
Caron McCla nnan 
Karen McClung 
Lagus McCoy 
Colleen McCreanor 

Beth McGowan 
Suzanne (Zan) McGrath 
James McKinney 
Steve McMillan 
Kathy McNally 

Kathy McPherson 
Mike McPherson 
Denise Meade 
Brenda Meise 
Janice Melvin 

Jeannie Menge 
C indy Meredith. 
Kathy Metzger 
Elizabeth Michela 
J ack Miley 


Susan Millen 
Nancy Miller 
Steve Mil lei- 
Richard Milligin 
Jan Mismas 

Angle Mitchell 
Cynthia Mitchell 
Kay Mitchell 

Debbie Mitchem 

John Miyagawa 
Colleen Moore 
D ale Moore 
Debbie Moore 

Frank Moore 
Jimmy Moore 
John Moore 
Kathi Moore 
Joseph Moreau 

Steve Morelen 
Robin Morgan 
Paula Morphis 
Becca Morris 
Pam Morris 

Steve Morris 
Cindy Morrisett 
Pam Morrison 
Mike Morrissey 
Jerry Morrou 

Beverly Moss 
Don Moss 
David Mote 
Robert Mott 
Robert Moyer 


Rita Mullaly 
Janet Murphy 
Mary Murphy 
Ernie Murray 
David Mustin 

Jeanne Myers 
Billy Mynes 
Debbie Nance 
Debbie Nation 
Jackie Neal 

Robert Neisler 
Becky Nelson 
Keith Nelson 
Steve Newbern 
Frances Newman 

Jimmy Newman 
Skipper Newman 
Cynthia Newsome 
Donna Newsome 
Hal Nichols 

Polly Nielsen 
Beth Noblett 
Douglas Noyes 
Buddy Oehrii 

Mark O Hara 
Mickey 0"Hara 
David Orban 
Wayne Orndorff 
Dennis OToole 

Linda Parks 
Mar k Par ker 
James Parsons 
Barbara Passari: 
Susan Pate 


Dalynn Patrick 
Dawn Patterson 
Donna Paul 
Sharon Perry 
Jim Persons 

Chris Peterson 
Sharon Phedger 
Doug Poole 
Kenneth Post 
Macy Poulin 

Kathy Price 
Richard Price 
Aubrey Priddy 
Paula Pruden 

Vickie Prue 
Pat Pugh 
Janice Pye 
Shelby Ragland 
Nena Raper 

Diane Rauschenbach 
Donald Rector 
Anita Reed 
Craig Rice 
Tommy Rice 

Warren Richardson 
Dana Riebe 
Lynn Riser 
David Roach 
Patty Robbins 

Ken Roberson 
Debbie Roberts 
Muff it Roberts 
Debbie Robinson 
Mike Roe 


i i 

n " 


Pat Roe 
Sharon Roger 
Dennis Rorrer 
Cindy Ross 
Larry Ross 

Jan^ Rowe 
Steve Royster 
Kathy Russ 
Dawn Ryals 
Richard Saccra 

Bob Sage 
Ferdie Salomon 
Conrad Samson 
Sheryl Sanderlin 
Matthew Sanderson 

Renee Sawyer 
Mary Schaffer 
Ken Schneider 
Danny Schnlity 
Marty Schreiner 

Natalie Schuize 
Eddie Schumach er 
Angie Scott 
Debbie Segrest 
Vincent Seneker 

Danny Shannon 
H oward Shaw 
Jerry Shaw 
jQik_ Shaw 
Charlie Sheely 

Craig Sheppy 
Gerry Siebels 
Robin Silas 
Donald Simmons 
Jeff Simons 



Lynn Taylor 
Marty Taylor 
Renee Tavlor 
Steve Temnios 
Skee Tennev 

Valerie Tenney 
Tony Tetterton 
Becci Thiem 
Harry Thomas 
Janice Thomas 

Peggy Thomas 
Paul Thomas 
Mike Thompson 
S heri Thompson 
Joel Ticatch 

Tina Traino 
Mike Trent 
Connie Tuck 
Chester Tucker 

Greer Tjjriiej; 
Van Turpin 
Debbie Tyer 
Phillip Tyree 

Edward Tyrrell 
Melloney Upton 
Susan Urso 
Lillie Uzzle 
Randy Uzzle 

Mitch Vann 
Debbie Van Wagner 
Diane Vercruysse 
Debbie Vestal 
Steven Vipavetz 


Faith Voth 
Mary Wade 
Ricky Wade 
Cjaiiand Walker 
l.ori Walker 

C rystal Ward. 
Maria Ward 
Mike Ward 
Ann Watkins 

She rry Watk ins 
Betty Watson 
Don Weeks 
Frank Welch 
Donna Wendt 

Bob We flick 
Janice White 
Karen White 
Finda White 
Karen Whitehurst 

Patty Whitley 
Pam Wian 
Susan Wilder 
Debbie Wildman 
Bevelyn Ann Williams 

Billy Williams 
Bobby Williams 
David Williams 
Jean Williams 
Marilyn Williams 

Mike Williams 
Susan Williams 
Vicky Williamson 
Cheryl Wilson 
Greg Wilson 


Holly Wilson 
Ray Wilson 
Paula Windschilt 
Wilbur Winslow 

Russell Wintemberg 
Debbie Witcher 
Steve Witherington 
Steve Withers 

Richard Wittman 
Mary Womble 
Keith Wood 
Sue Wood 

Deborah Woodley 
Ann Woodruff 
Sheila Woolard 
Allen Wright 
LeeAnn Wright 

Joe Wrightson 
Kai Wynne 
David Yarrington 
Roy Yoder 
Carolyn Young 

Karen Youngblood 
Steve Yount 
Evelyn Zukel 


Eightli Grade 

Brian Abboit 
Cacky Adams 
Elizabeth Adams 
Floyd Akers 
Jay Allen 

Martha Allen 
John Amburgey 
Mary Ames 
Mike Ange 
Phil Armstrong 

Suzanne Arnold 
Marcy Arthur 
Alfreda Ashby 
Hopie Ashby 
John Ashby 

Larry Ashcraft 
Steve Ashe 
Robin Ashworth 
Jodie Ausch 
Teddy Bacalis 

Dennis Baker 
Teresa Ballance 
Jimmy Ballew 
Debbie Ballou 
John Bannon 

Ricky Barbosa 
Kimberly Barclift 
Frankie Barco 
Cindy Barnes 
Debbie Barnes 

John Barnes 
Ronald Barrington 
Jimmy Bateman 
Steve Bates 
Susan Bates 


Donnie Batson 
Scott Baxley 
Jane Beeby 
Debra Bell 
D.K. Bell 

Gary Bell 
Theresa Beltrami 
Leslie Bennett 
Kay Berger 
Ricky Berry 

Randy Bess 
Pat Billari 
David Blackburn 
Michael Blackwell 
Doreene Blais 

Sherrie Blankenship 
William Blankenship 
Eddy Blaylock 
Becky Blount 
Martin Boelens 

Becky Bolick 
Darlene Booker 
John Boulden 
Bobby Bowles 
Sarah Bowling 

Felica Boyd 
Kim Brace 
Jeff Bradley 
Audrey Brady 
John Brady 

Ned Braithwaite 
Charlene Bray 
Joseph Brewer 
Eric Bridgeman 
Mark Bridgeman 



Cathy Carrington 
David Cartwright 
Carolina Casias 
Barbara Cass 
Dale Castellow 

John Catlin 
Teresa Catron 
Rosalie Cavallo 
Doug Cecil 
Shaurn Chambers 

Jill Chanaud 
Harry Chetister 
Tammv Childress 
Timmy Childrey 
David Chin 

Carol Clark 
Lyn Clark 
Suzanne Clark 
Bill Cl ayton 
Susan CI ine 

Kavin Cochrane 
Brenda Coffelt 
Jackie Colden 
Carma Cole 
Debbie Cole 

Keith Collins 
Ronald Collins 
Linda Colosi 
Jenny Comer 
Frances Condon 

Frances Conlon 
Julie Connor 
Wayne Cooke 
Pam Cooper 
Brenda Cournayer 



Karen Courtney 
Cindy Cox 
Malissa Cox 
Mike Crabtrce 
Kirk Cramer 

Jerry Crain 
David Crane 
Sandy Cressman 
Arthur Cullers 
Barbara Cuip 

Mike Culpepper 
Erin Daly 
John Dashiell 
Bobby Davis 
Cindy Davis 

Elijah Davis. Jr. 
Kevin Davis 
Dennis Dawkins 
Mark Deans 
Barbara DeBellis 


, ^ ! 





j^^^ll^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 


Michael Kevin Deems 
Kathy Diaz 
Garrett Dickinson 
Victor DiPace 
Ricky Divelluss 

Dawn Dixon 
Tom Doak 
Daniel Dobbs 
Ed Donovan 
Denise Dorland 

Debbie Doss 
James Dougherty 
Debbie Dovanas 
Clinton Doxey 
Patty Dozier 


Wanda Dozier 
John Drames 
Jay Dunbar 
Peggy Earl 
Katherine Earley 

Steve Earp 
Cheryl Eason 
Leroy Edmonds 
Lynn Edmunds 
Stacy Eikenbery 

Johnny Elam 
Victor Elkins 
Natalie Elliott 
Rari Engebretsen 

Jerry Engemann 
Gary Englestead 
Howard Erickson 
Slick Paella 
Steve Fail 

Terry Faircloth 
Shawn Fannin 
Ida Fentress 
Betsy Fields 
Gail Fields 

Susan Fink 
Stephen Fitchett 
Craig Floyd 
David Fluty 
Norma Foreman 

Ed Forlines 
Melissa Forrell 
John Forrest 
Lee Fowler 
Tom Francis 



Thaddeus Harrison 
Mike Haskett 
Terry Hauck 
David Hawthorne 
Caryn Haymes 

Welton Haynes 
Bobby Heatherly 
Jeff Helm 
Debbie Henley 
Gary Henry 

Lora Hensley 
Sharon Hickman 
Glenn Hicks 
Michael Higdon 
Ray Higgins 

David Hill 
Rondle Hill 
Eddie Hillegass 
Chris Hinds 
Beverly Hines 

Nathan Hinkle 
Sandy Hoff 
Linda Holland 
Jim Holt 
David Hooper 

Mike Hoppel 
Pam Howard 
Ronald Howard 
Joe Howlett 
Ricky Hudson 

Janice Hull 
Mike Hulock 
Nelson Hunter 
Linda Hussey 
Louise Hymons 


Paul Jablcr 
Terry Jackson 
Donald Jackson 
Dana Jackson 
Dan Jamerson 

Mary James 
James Jenkins 
Traci Jenkins 
Bud Jennings 
l.ucynthia Jennings 

Cindy Jernigan 
Cindy Jernigan 
Butch Johnson 
Cathy Johnson 
Wilbur Johnson 

Billy Jones 
Brenda Jones 
C harles Jones 
Earl Jones 
J ohn Jo nes 

Kevin Jones 
Sherman Jones 
Emily Jordan 
Sherri Joyner 
Albert Kaba 

Brian Kalman 
Steven Kappler 
Gerry Kausholz 
Fred Keech 
Michael Keenehan 

Edward Kelleher 

David Keller 
Andrea Kelly 
Joanne Kelly 
Michael Kelly 



Melvin Lewis 
Keith l.ibick 
Cheryl I,iebold 
R ick Linle 
Steve Lipinski 

l,aVern Listol 
Joniai JJverman 
Leslie Liverman 
Ricky Long 
Emma Love 

Gene Lovitt 
Patricia Lynch 
Cindy Lyon 
Kai Lysagh t 
Sharon Lucas 




1 \ 


David Lukas 
Danny MacDonald 
George Macdonald 
Gloria MacDonald 
Peter Machak 

Paula Mackey 
Randy Mackwardt 
Harry Maeeall 
I Cheryl Mahler 
Raymond Mainton 

Michele Mamrot 
Karen Manby 
Butch Manning 
Jerry Mariani 
Bill Marriott 

Edward Marshall 
Roger Martin 
Roger Martin 
Carol Mason 
Robert Mason 


Robert Mason 
Pam Mathews 
Danny Math is 
Craig May 
Mariiel Mayfield 

David Mayo 
Robin McAlea 
Roger McCann 
Tracie McClannan 
Julio McConchie 

Terri McCord 
Nancy McCoy 
Kathy McCraw 
Erin McCreanor 
Bobby McCullom 

Ken McCuilough 
Marvin McDougal 
Libbie McDowell 
Frank McDuffie 
Teresa Mc Entire 

Nancy McGrath 
Leslie McGuire 
Andy McKengie 
Kathy McKewen 
David McLaughlin 

Jeanne McLemore 
Robert McMillen 
Curtis McRaney 
Mark Meads 

David Meekins 
Kristy Meekins 
Philip Meekins 
Elizabeth Megna 
James Mei^ 


Deborah ML-ri ill 
Mike Merrill 
Debbie Miticllcton 
Robin Micigett 
(Vaig Milhurn 

Jane Miley 
Cindy Miller 
Theresa Miller 
George Millerion 
Steven Minnich 

Stuart Minschke 
Jennifer Mitchell 
Teresa Mitchell 
Jennifer Model 
Patty Moerschell 

Jo Anne Montague 
Jonnie Jay Moore 
Karen Moore 
Scott Moore 
Mary Beth Morgan 

Irene Morris 
Robert Morris 
Donna Morrow 
James Moyer 
Daryl Mullinax 

Michael Mullins 
Jeff Miilloy 
Charles Munford 
Kary Murkiirson 
Dotty Murphy 

Nancy Murphy 
Pam Murphy 
Paula Murphy 
Keith Mynes 
Kevin Myrick 



Frances Repass 
Jerry Ricks 
Terry Ricks 
Climatene Riddick 
Thcrcssa Riddick 

Mark Rimarski 
Mark Ristau 
Patricia Ritchie 
Karen Riter 
Donna Ritter 

Deborah Roberts 
Donald Roberts 
Don Robinson 
Robbie Robinson 
Steve Robinson 

Joan Rodgers 
Robert Rogers 
Holly Ross 
Randy Roughton 
Billy Ruffin 

Michael Rumbergen 
Debbie Ruperti 
Kim Rush 
Lee Ann Rusnock 
Roland Russell 

Brenda Ryder 
Stephen Sabine 
Debbie Sadler 
Robin Safford 

Stephanie Sage 
Kenny Samet 
Ella Sanderson 
Fred Sanderson 
Mike Sanderson 


Monica Sanidas 
Vickie Sargent 
Phyllis Sawyer 
Steve Saywer 
Tcri Sawyer 

Mike Scarano 
Scott Schmidt 
David Schneider 
Donna Schultz 
Lori Schwindt 

Marilyn ScLater 
Harry Scott 
Linda Scott 
Sandy Scott 
Scott Scott 

Lynn Seucs 
Debbie Seitz 
Margie Seng 
Beth Sesow 
Ronald Shaw 

Carolyn Sherer 
Cheryl Sherman 
Wayne Shields 
Tommy Shrives 
Neil Silas 

Cathy Simmons 
Debbie Simmons 
Glenda Simmons 
Tommy Simmons 
Brenda Simms 

Sue Sims 
Michael Slemp 
Mike Sloan 
Pam Sloniker 
Barbara Smith 


Cindy Smith 
Ciail Smith 
Geoffrey Smith 
Janet Smith 
Jodv Smith 

Julie Smith 
Ken Smith 
Kevin S mitb- 
Norma Jean Smith 
Jeff Smithdeal 

Marcy Snooured 
Sammy Snowden 
Jay Snyder 
Tina Snyder 
Angela Sokol 

Glenn Solomon 
Vicki Spangler 
Melodie Spaulding 
Rusty Specter 
Jackie Spruill 

David Stafford 
Richard Stanley 
Randy Stark 
Steven Starkey 
Denise Stavenger 

Susan Steinfield 
Sheryl Stephenson 
Steve Stephenson 
Darlene Stevenson 
Matt Steward 

Sandra Stinson 
Gayle Storms 
Kathleen Stout 
Kandy Strange 
Sherry Stvron 


Diane Sullivan 
lVlari< Sullivan 
Jim Summerlin 
Lee Sundstrum 
George Swoope 

Alon/i> Tahron 
Connie Tachc 
Alva Tarkenton 
Bobby Tata 
Donna Taylor 

Johnny Taylor 
Pam Taylor 
Patti Taylor 
Roger Taylor 
Sharon Teagle 

Cathy Tedder 
Ronnie Tegeler 
Scott Temple 
Phillip Tempton 
David Tenney 

Becky Thomas 
Linda Thomas 
Ricky Thomas 
Gary Thompson 
Sharon Thompson 

Tommy Thompson 
Katie Todd 
Bobby Troupe 
John Tubbs 
Kathy Tuck 

Alan Turner 
James Turner 
Karen Turner 
Mike Tyer 
Billy Tyree 




Brent Gable 
Steven Gage 
PaiH Genovg se 
Kurt Gibbs 

Glenn Gifford 
Vanessa Gilchrist 
Pat Gilleland 
Clara Gillespie 

DaviH r.ilUam 

John Gillikin 
Carolyn Gills 
Faith Giltinger 
R usty Godere y 

Linda Goff 
Don Gordon 
Tim Grandstaff 
Alvin Gray 

Jamie Gray 
Steve Gray 
Robbie Gregory 
Viola Griffin 

Ray Grondo n 
Skip Guess 
Bonnie Guill 
David Gurganus 


Student Council Association 

Seventh bell nearly every afternoon finds the four SCA officers trying 
to organize and carry out various projects for the students of Kempsviile 
Junior High. Learning exactly what the students want isn't always easy, 
but with the assistance of representatives and a suggestion box, the 
officers got some ideas. Dances were a big success, as was the Student- 
Faculty Basketball game (complete with faculty cheerleaders.) When the 
SCA recognized the talent of the student body, a talent show was quickly 

Good times are important, but the SCA was also concerned with hu- 
manity. Aside from donations to charities, like the United Givers, the 
school "adopted" a Lebanese boy. Their adoption enabled the seven year 
old to go to school. 

Taking a long look at the school and community, the SCA realized 
that pollution was not a phenomenon which occured someplace else. 
Through an assembly and class discussions, the students learned about 
problems in the area and how they could be corrected. Their interest and 
enthusiasm were harnessed into a massive clean-up campaign of the 
school and community. 

SCA President Paula Pruden 


Sponsors Various Activities 

1970 - 71 Venture Staff 

"Can you identify this person? Who messed up the 
pictures? Where is what"s-his-name? I need his copy!" 
These were faoiiliar sounds as the Kempsville Junior High 
annual was in its final stages. Amid all the helter-skelter, 
a yearbook recording daily life at KJHS was somehow 

At the beginning of the year the staff members set out 
to solicit ads. Then came the taking of student pictures 
which can only be described as one big headache. Howev- 
er, the staff managed to survive the ordeal but Miss 
Linamen, our sponsor, may never never be the same. We 
all know now that her nickname "Red" refers to more 
than just her hair — what a temper!!! 

Afler the pictures were taken we were confronted with 
many little details: identifying pictures, drawing lay-outs, 
writing copy, and meeting deadlines. Did you know that 
we have some students at KJHS who don't know their 
alphabet? How 'bout it Sam and Susan? 

Looking back over the year we remember the good 
times and try to forget the bad ones, but basically it was 
fun. So here's the final result of all our labor — the 
preservation of a year's events at Kempsville Junior High. 
Hope you enjoy it. 

L to R: Business Manager — Robert Niesler, Editor- 
Williams, Assistant Editor — Ricky Thomas. 


L to R: Loizeaux, Hubbard, Ellis, Foreman, Sanderlin, Kirkwood. 


Meets Final Deadline 


Art Club 

Kempsville Junior High Art Club 
presents an opportunity for all students 
interested in art to participate in many 
art activities. Craft projects, field trips, 
and sponsorship of the school art show 
are being undertaken by the students 
this year. 

The main project of the 1970-71 club 
is to work toward the goal of purchasing 
a piece of work by a professional artist 
of the Tidewater area for KJHS. Funds 
are presently being raised by means of 
bake sales and other fund raising means. 

Also the club is providing strong 
support for the Festival of Visual and 
Performing Arts which takes place in 
May at the Virginia Beach Dome. 

1st Row L to R: Colosi, Repass, Jones, Mitchell. 2nd Row L to R: Daugherty, 
Beiler, Bowles. Semi-circle L to R: Carder, Bullard, Mason, Woolard, Scott, 
DeCook, Piland, Smith, Meeker, Douglas, Kinard, Morgan, Warren, Smith, Mrs. 
Evans, Noyes, Mrs. Query. 

French Club 

Seated L to R: Hubbard, Loizeaux, Lupton, Passaris, Wilder. Kneeling L to R: Berman, Kelley, Berkhimer, 
Leverone, Moreau, Withers, Nelson, Hooper, Eason, Carter. Standing L to R: Mrs. Mercer, Johnston, 
Koehler, Hardison, Taylor, Millen, DeCook, Murphy, Tyer, Patterson, Dearborn, Mason, Patrick, Amory, 
Beeby, Kamrad, Carpenter, K., Carpenter D. 


German Club 

Standing L to R: Diaz, Seneker, Jones, Simons, Morelen, Helm, Kubiszwsici, Doxey, Yount, Francis, 
Freeman, Hedgespeth, Stephenson, Campbell, Burroughs, Foxwell, Reedus, Knight, Norville, 
Jackson, Edwards. Kneeling L to R: Boyd, Brend, Ticatch, Austin, Cline, Noblett, Bogart, Drier, 
Barnett, Kisch, Bruce, Higgins, Merkerson, Wilder, Jordal, Lanchester, Kohn, McDuffie. 

Latin Club 

Seated L to R: Tata, Hinds, Foreman, Rauschenbach — Pres., Eldridge. Hill, Nettles, Haymes, Kunz, 
Brantley. Standing L to R: Morrisett, Moerschell, Simons, Gentry, Bunch, Leverone, Conlon, Cook, 
Simmons, Sanderlin, Arthur, Ellis, Proctor, Grain. 

Spanisli Club 

Sitting L to R: Wright, Morris, Walker, Almirall, Hoff, Gasias, Anderson, Boyd, Kelly, Lynch, Williams. Kneeling L to R: 
Mandigo, Comer, Womble, Kendrick, Larry, Bray, Lovitt, Jones. Standing L to R: Miss Murray, Langelier, Stephenson, 
WindschitI, Wade, Morphis, Siebels, Brown, Sheppy, Dandridge, Barnes, LeSeane, Tuck — Pres., Forrest, Nachman, Lewis, 
Libick, Morgan, Arthur, Gray, Stevens. 


Concert Choir 

1st Row L to R: Miss Clark, Smithson, Kutchera, Conlon, Murphy, Kennedy, Traino, Sawyer, Dickenson, 
Bogart. 2nd Row L to R: Mahler, Hickman, Scott, DeBellis, Bullock, Arthur, Booker, Harris, Jordon, Skiles, 
Wilson. 3rd Row L to R: Strange, Meise, Joines, Bradley, Martin, Crabtree, Lassiter, Scott, Fortune, Moore, 
Bell. 4th Row L to R: Strange, Mann, Dearborn, Doss, Benton, Dowdy, Crofford, Welch, Handtinger, 
Witherington, Rice, Coffelt, Justice. Not pictured: Calevas. 

Girls Chorus 

1st Row L to R: Arthur, James, Segrest, Middleton, Harris, Powers, 
Davenport, Sanidas. 2nd Row L to R: Kimble, Husch, Ainsley, Howard, 
Seitz, Thomas, Throneberry, Barnes, Friesen. 3rd Row L to R: Wall, Land, 
Cole, Roberts, Menge, Murphy, Culp, Hunter, Williams. Not pictured: 
Strawther, Futrell. 


Mixed Chorus 

1st Row L to R: Kramer, Allen, Murphy, Wilson, Simmons, Patchsak, Persons, Cullers, Moore, Lyon, Turner, Woolard, 
Thorne, Coffelt. 2nd Row L to R: Spangler, Simms, Capetanakis, Hawthorne, French, Hoppel, McMillen, Barnes, 
Forrell, Jernigan, Hines, Maddox, Walker, Dozier, Smith. 3rd Row L to R: Nance, Holland, Berry, Litchfield, Gordon, 
Steward, Jones, Davis, Simmons, Pettis, Weddle, Condon, Manby, Teagle, Wooddell. 4th Row L to R: Sherman, 
Capetanakis, Repass, Liebold, Tuck, Midgett, Lassiter, Sullivan, Moss, Ash, Jones, Miller, Simmons, Dozier, Smith, 
Gilchrist, Ashby, Gills Not pictured: Webb, New, Robinson, Samet, Wilson, Langley, Moore, Melvin, Woolard. 

KJHS All-City Junior High Chorus 

1st Row L to R: Crabtree, Bradley, Dowdy, Welch, Bogart, Wall, Segrest. 2nd Row L to R: Murphy, 
Simmons, Lassiter, T. Lassiter, Rice, Moss, Hickman, Teagle. 3rd Row L to R: Lannon, Meise, Smithson, 
Menge, Arthur, Scott, Kennedy, Dozier. 4th Row L to R: Smith, Kuchera, Friesen, Jernigan, Walker, Skiles, 
Bullock, Land. Not pictured: Handfinger, Maddox, Murphy. 



The Kempsville Junior High School Majorette 
Corps, consisting of 7 members, have performed hand 
in hand with the Marching Band. Adding the icing to 
the cake, the Majorettes Corps performed two solo 
productions during football season. The highlight of 
the season came when the corps brought home two 
first place trophies from the Regional Majorette Asso- 
ciation Competition held in Portsmouth. Miss Vickie 
Williamson, Head Majorette, has done an outstanding 
job in rehearsing the group and working out routines. 
Mrs. Joanne Flanagan is the majorette sponsor. 

Sponsor Mrs. Joanne Flanagan and Head Majorette Vicki 
Williamson proudly display the two trophies won by the KJHS 


L to R: Susan Urso, Assistant Head Rosalee Cavallo, Darlene Stevenson, Karen Lindamood, Bonnie Jones, 
Head Vicki Williamson, and Lee Ann Wright. 


A Band 

The Kempsville Junior High School Concert 
and Marching Band is composed of 72 
members. The group has performed four 
precision halftime shows during football 
season and presented a Christmas Cantata in 
conjunction with the Concert Chorus. The 
Concert Band performs in the District II Band 
Festival and will present a combination serious 
and "pops" concert in the Spring. The 
Marching Band will present its colors in the 
Azala Festival Parade and the Armed Forces 
Day Parade. Under the direction of Mr. 
William Flanagan, the band has done much to 
promote school spirit, even to presenting "The 
Horse" as the school fight song. This indeed 
been a highly successful year for the music 
department and the Kempsville Junior High 
School Band. 

Band Officers L to R: Bonnie Jones, Scott Foxwell, Mr. Flanagan, Cindy 
Morsett, Vicki Williamson, Ricky Bliese and Paula Pruden. 


Band B 


Spirited, lively, animated, zestful, exuberant, active, 
vivacious, energetic, dynamic . . . These nine words 
more than describe the nine girls who composed the 
1970-71 Kempsville Junior High Cheerleading Squad. 

Appearing in their blue skirts and bulky white 
sweaters for football the girls added color and pep to 
cold game days. For basketball, they shed the sweaters 
and donned snappy blue vests with mock turtle neckline 
white jerseys. Needless to say they made quite an im- 
pression on the court. 

In addition to adding color, the girls did a splendid 
job of fostering school spirit, supporting pep rallies, as 
well as leading KJHS fans in cheers. 

These girls have spent a busy but fun-filled yeat- in 
service to KJHS. Because of their accomplishments and 
their boundless energy, the cheerleaders have shown us 
that they, too, are # 1. 

L to R: Co-Captains Vicki Cotton and Cindy Meredith. 

Pep Club 

Bottom Row L to R: K. Beeby, J. Beeby, Murphy, Foreman, V. Pres. Tuck, Pres. Mason, Sec. Johnson, Treas. 
Meekins, Dozier, Hoff, Parvin, Cole. 2nd Row L to R: Harris, Murphy, Jones, Kennedy, Hardison, Loizeaux, 
Taylor, Conlin, Arthur, Sims, Blanton, Cooper. 3rd Row L to R: Sherman, Teagle, Williams, Ralph, Hardy, 
DeCook, Forrell, Jenigan, Hauch, Johnson, Almiral, McCartney. 4th. Row L to R: Woolard, Meise, Lannon, 
Ambrose, Lovitt, Thiem, McGowen, Hunter, Harris, Smith, Clark, Bryant. 5th Row L to R: Scott, Walker, 
Taylor, Smithson, Goffreir, Cox. Top Row L to R: Bates, Booker, Cotton, Kendricks, Meredith, Smith, 
Eldridge, Lee. 


Cafeteria Workers 

Guidance Workers Gym Assitants 



Sitting L to R: Bryant, Clary, OHara, Casteiow, Watson. Standing L to R: Ingram, Brewer, Tetterton, 

Whitman, Bliese, Welch, McCoy, Moore, DeShiei, Roach, Copley, Campbell, Remarski, Dumire, Hedgepeth, 

Pezzella. Kneeling L to R: Swartzentruber, Smith, Byrd, Lassiter, Deams, Jordan, Moore, Boone, Handfinger, 

Maddox, Clements, Simmons, Dozier, Bridgeman, Dodd, Buchannan, Coulthard. 

**Spirit, Drive, Ability 

The Braves continued their tradition of winning 
championships in football by winning a share of the City 
Championship for the second consecutive year. We opened the 
season with a disheartening 6-0 loss to Va Beach Jr. The 
Braves nearly scored on an end sweep by Lagus McCoy who 
went out of bounds on the 1 foot line. 

The Braves got on the winning track against the First Colo- 
nial Jr. JV by a score of 26-0. In that contest the defense, led 
by Terry Lassiter and Ricky Bliese, began to assert itself. The 
offense also jelled as Kevin Smith scored twice and Frank 
Welch scored as well as throwing a long touchdown pass to 
Lagus McCoy. 

In the third game the Braves completely overwhelmed 
Norfolk Academy by a score of 34-0. Our famous "Red" 

team saw considerable action in this game and almost scored. 

Plaza Jr. proved to be quite a formidable opponent yielding 
grudgingly by a score of 14-12 , and becoming the first and 
only team to score twice against our defensive team. 

Against Princess Anne the team suffered an emotional let 
down but managed to prevail by a score of 22-0. 

The next week was spent feverishly preparing for the 
Bayside game which would decide the City Championship. We 
won the game when Lenny Handfinger tackled the Bayside 
runner in the end zone. 

Our offensive team scored a total of 96 points while the 
defensive team held our opponents to a total of 20 points. The 
year proved to be very rewarding and every member of the 
team showed a great desire to be a winner. 


Co-City Champions '70 - '71 

Kempsville Junior Braves 

As City 

Impatiently waiting for basicetball then sudden despair. 
Despite this loss of height and skill the Braves begin. Two bum 
legs and a bad back didn't keep us from having aggressive 
practices. We immediately learned how to hurt our mouth and 
teeth. 20 defense — work, work, work." Thanx for the gift 
Norview. Cox JV snickers but later we laugh. They will 
remember Kempsville JUNIOR. 50 — defense — work, work, 
work. Early victories & and jitters. Polish 22 defense. 
Christmas and undefeated 4 — record. Vacation — that's a 
joke! 44 defense — work, work, work. Mental mistakes are 
minimized. KJHS starts its version of "Mighty Mights" againsi 
Norfolk Acadamy JV. "They are bigger than ????." Yes, it 
does pay off to work hard during Christmas. Va Beach at the 
beach — this year the game was finished! The game of 2 

unbeaten teams. Big Bayside versus little KJHS brought 
another win for quickness and defense. Va Beach at home — 
"What kind of move was that? " 30 behind and stall! Semester 
break and undefeated 9 — record. Welcome back, Red'?! Plaza 
at Plaza was a game of run, run, run., "You were lucky. 
Coach." Bayside at Bayside — the little guys do it again. First 
season brought KJHS 12 wins — looses. Second season — 
Tournament time. Flu hits but we are ready. The beach stalls 
but our defense doesn't. Championship game against Plaza 
brings one half of frustration and finds us trailing. Pride, 
composure, and defense sends the Braves to another 
Tournament Championship. Final record 14 wins — losses. 
Kempsville Jr. IS the Home of the Defense. 

Front Row L to R: B. Stakes, B. Bailey, D. Gilliam, B. Hartley, E. Iserman, T. Lassiter, C. Williams, R. Bliese, B. 
Foster, B. Womble, A. Gilchrist, J. Gilchrist, B. Hooper, Brinkley. Not Pictured: B. Blankenship and C. Floyd. 
R. Albee. Back Row L to R: Coach Cochrane, K. Smith, J. 

JO oll^'C yt'ZA 

A '^-'^ A ,} 1 


Command Respect 

and Tournament Champions 

L to R: Co-Captain B. Foster, Coach Cochrane, Co-Captain 
R. Bliese 

Kevin Smith was named the Most Valuable Player in the Two Kempsville Braves, Craig Williams and Kevin Smith, 
Va Beach City Tournament. Congratulations, Kevin! were chosen for the All-Tournament Team. Job well done 



Up, Down, All Around - Sayin' 
Kempsville's #1 

In the City 


Wrestlers Make 

The Braves wrestling team ended the season undefeated in the 
Conference and the City Tournament. 

During the regular season, the Grabbers score 3 19 points 
compared to 1 13 points for their opponents in 8 matches. This was an 
average of 40 points each match, while giving up only 14 points a 

The Braves had 14 of their 15 wrestlers competing in the finals of 
the City Tournament. Seven Braves took first place and seven 
finished in second place. Lagus McCoy was the only undefeated and 
untied wrestler on the team. 

David Clary's record for 2 years at KJHS is 15-2 and Frank 
Welch was 14-2 . Captain Bob Wernick finished with 10-2 and a 
city championship. 

Special praise and recognition is extended to the 27 ninth graders 
that will be leaving KJHS this year. Eleven of these boys wrestled on 
the varsity team. The team has 30 eighth graders returning for next 
year and they are looking for big things. 



Va Beach 

Va Beach 
Norfolk Aca. 
P.A. JV 
Va Beach 





Co-Captains Brad Clements & 
Coltran^d Booth. 

Bob Wernick. Coaches 

Second Place City Championship Winners. Kneeling L to R: Ricky Halprin, Matt Francis, Mark Remarski, Randy 
Jordan, Bob Tata. Standing L to R: Frank Welch, Brad Clements, David Clary. 


Baseball Injuries 

Injuries took a heavy toll on the baseball team this season. 
In our first conference game against Plaza Jr. High we 
suffered key injuries to Tommy Chowns, Robert Legg and 
Jake Powers. After losing in extra innings to Plaza 3-2 the 
Braves had successive losses to Norfolk Catholic by a score of 
14-8 and Va Beach by a score of 8-0 After a 
reorganization of the team, we won 5 games and lost 2 over 
the remainder of the season. Norfolk Academy was our first 
victim by a score of 8 — 0. We then got our first conference 
victory against Bayside by a score of 8-7. The Braves also 
defeated Bayside Jr. and Norfolk Academy for the second 
times as well as avenging the loss to Plaza Jr. We suffered 
two more losses at the hands of Va. Beach and Norfolk 
Catholic. After a very disappointing start the team lived up to 
expectations and finished the year very strong to have a 5-5 
record. Several outstanding performances were turned in by 
Braves players: Frank Welch led the team with a .450 batting 
average, Jimmy Moore led the team in pitching with a 3-1 
record, Brett Poyner had three home runs, Ricky Bliese, Tom 
Lorkiewicz, and Billy Foster turned in outstanding defensive 

L to R: Co-Captain B. Poyner, Coach Ingram, Co-Captain 
T. Chowns. 

Kneeling L to R: K. Edwards, J. Lyies, D. Lewis, B. Foster, T. Lorkiewiez, D. Vann, J. Moore. Standing L to R: R. Legg, 
M. Barbee, F. Welch, G. Butler, K. Hughes, J. Powers, R. Bliese, J. Roberts, R. Mott, B. Poyner, B. Traino, T. Chowns, 
R. Allen, J. Everett, Coach Ingram. 


**Hurt" the Braves 






Norfolk Academy 



Virginia Beach 






rv J n i3 


Norfolk Academy 



Virginia Beach 








Norfold Catholic 








Norfolk Academy 


Overall Record: 5 wins — 5 losses 


Lady Braves Are Victorious 

EXTRAMUR.\L HOCKEY TEAM— Seated L to R: D. Howard. S. Williams. C. Lake. M. Todd, D. Lang. K. 
McClannan. C. Johnson. Standing L to R: V. Anderson. B. Larry. K. Beeby. M. Murphy. L. GofTrier. S. Watkins. S. 
Sanderlin. R. Silas. V. Lewis. D. Turley. 


And Bring Honor to KJHS 

GYMNASTICS TEAM — Seated L to R: V. Williamson, S. Atkins, M. Cox. Standing: L. 
Taylor. Lower bar L to R: L. Goffrier, S. Rogers. Upper bar L to R: T. Bryant, S. Johnson, 
L. Grider. 

EXTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL TEAM — Seated L to R: L. Lee and D. Patrick Standing L to R: B. Skiles, S. Perry, C 
Smith, D. Hunter, S. McGrath, S. Coffelt, K. Beeby, A. Scott, S. Atkins. 


One of the advantages of old age is a fond rememberance 
of the past. When the alumni of Kempsville Junior High 
think back over their junior high days, they will remember 
the classes, teachers, and their fellow students. But most of all 
they will remember the athletics of KJHS. For the athletics of 
a school have a magic all their own, and compile a cohesive 
force which seems to unite the entire school in a common 
cause, victory. The victory, however, does not belong to one 
player or even to one team. The victory belongs to the school 
and each student in it. Thus it has been in years past and so it 
will be in future generations. 













3333 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 

DAY: 497-5269 
NITE: 497-5107 







REFINISHING edna Taylqr 


BUS. PHONE 499-1698 VlROINIA BEACH, VA. 2 3462 


Band instruments by: 
Selmer, King, Bach, and Olds 

Pianos and Organs by: 
Baldwin, Yamaha, Hammond, 
Kohler & Campbell 
57 Princess Anne Plaza Ph. 340-7631 


407 Kempsville Rd. 
(By Be-Lo's) 

Flowers For All Occassions 
Mrs. Madeline Cecil 


Kempsville Pharmacy 

Phone 497-3516 
5266 Princess Anne Road 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 
Your Community Drug Store 

Wick's Auto Repair 


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Sales - Rentals - Insurance - Appraisals 


David B. Oglesby & Forest L. Barclift 

4310 River Rd. 
Cheaspeake, Va. 23325 

Bus. 420-7920 





^Ks PET. 
you bet!** 



Institutional Wholesalers 

Packing Co. Inc. 

I Division of ^^.^^^^ 


Division of ^ 
J.S. Bell Jr., and Co. ^ K 
620 East Olney 
Norfolk, Virgini' 
Phone 622-3^^^(c^^ 



lA BEACH, VA. 23452 

PHONE 497-3518 



Specializing in Home Delivery 


u,?isor^ Cavalier Sporting Goods, Inc. 

Oxv^rCi Headquarters For Everything in Athletic and Sporting Goods Equipment 

PI ^ 849 E. Little Creek Road • Norfolk, Virginia 235 18 

^QAUJ/y\ V./>^~^\j^ [ Phone 583-5907 






of Virginia Beach 

Compliments of 


Faiits and Produce 
3521 Virginia Beach Blvd. — Norfolk, Va. 23502 
Telephone 855-2791 855-2796 ^ 

V X^^WJ 


Andre Garnet's Hair Styling 
Compliments of a Friend 
Compliments of a Friend 

Compliments of Bobbie and Helen' School of Dance 
Plaza Bakery 

•^0 U^. 


7a ^^ 

5 (IjlX^ 

AVesfvie^^ardware Co. 
Miller's TV Service 
Barretts Corner Esso 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. 
S.N. Freight Lines 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben M. Royster 
Joseph, Betty, John, Patty & Sue McKenney 
Leslie Meekins 



,"\o r eQ_LLv^ AlCLt4 diuu^. qyU^ 

ouucpt. A Special Thanks to 

^-CiL>^v^<x_. Some Special People 

In a large machine there are always parts that do 
important jobs but are seldom recognized for their 
contributions. Well, in the KJHS machine we want to 
recognize these "parts" and acknowledge their 
importance. Thanx Willie, Frank and the entire 
janitorial staff for taking such good care of us. Another 
thank you goes to Mrs. Harrier, our dietician, for her 
management of the cafeteria. At last, but certainly not 
least, our own Mr. Brooks. Your ready willingness to 
help and your infectious smile are well known at KJHS. 
Mr. "B", even if we don't say it very often we appreciate 
all you do. 

Here's Mrs. Harrier who sees to it that we have our lunches 
five day^a week, one hundred and eijgh't>^ days a year. Thank 
you, Mrs.lJairier for all that you dq"^. . . we appreciate it. 

Mr. Brooks, is that someone signing your cast? It could 
possibly be any number of people bowing at your feet for all 
the things you ve done for us. Thanx for everything. 


fl'ijo. ^QjuQA, ^ad Ccte.'c>^ 

3oodl - 


Born October 20,1956 
Died September 26,1970 


Born August 20, 1956 
Died November 6, 1970 


Born June 14, 1955 
Died December 11, 1970 

^^^^^ C^CxJ-^ 




• North Corolino \ ' 

• Winston- Solem 


J • North CorolifKi 

CHARLES R. PERRY, Regional Soles Manogi 
CharloTtesville, Virginia 
JOHN PERRY, Representative